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Cybersecurity News Today: Cyberattacks increase by 17% in Q1 of 2020

Discover the latest cybersecurity news to date. Cybersecurity News Today Cyberattacks increase by 17% in Q1 of 2020 According to Security Magazine, cyberattacks increase by 17% from 2020’s Q1 until 2020’1 Q4. Moreover, this increase has a rate of 1.2%. Also, 77% being targeted attacks. In the same report, these incidents involve human error at least 12% of the total. What are the main preys for cyberattacks? Usually, cyberattacks are targeted towards the following sectors, for example: Government sectors Industrial… Read More »Cybersecurity News Today: Cyberattacks increase by 17% in Q1 of 2020

Cybersecurity Knowledge

Cybersecurity Knowledge: Why Should We Gain It?

Why we should learn about cybersecurity knowledge? Well, aside it is essential to know about this modern technology, let us know more. Let Us Have A Knowledge In Cybersecurity Knowing about cybersecurity is so essential. It can help you to protect your business from criminals.  We know that digital technology has rapidly grown. But not only technologies but also the cybercriminal is making their way to accelerate. So, it is essential to know cybersecurity and implement it in your business.… Read More »Cybersecurity Knowledge: Why Should We Gain It?


CISSP: an Essential Certification

CISSP, or Certified Information System Security Professional, is a globally recognized ISC2 (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium) certification. The certification proves the skills and competency of a candidate in all data security fields. The layout, architecture, controls, and governance of highly secure corporate environments defined by certified professionals. CISSP Concept Within cyber management research, the CISSP covers specific subjects. The final examination focuses on a common body of knowledge (CBK)-a taxonomy or set of related concepts for IS security… Read More »CISSP: an Essential Certification