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cybersecurity 2021 trends

Top Cybersecurity 2021 Trends

We are all aware that cybersecurity constantly changes. Yet, it surely achieved phenomenal growth last year. Learn more about cybersecurity 2021 trends.  The COVID-19 pandemic has made us rely on technology more than ever. Almost everyone does their business with the aid of technology. Thus, this has given cyber criminals more opportunities to steal data. This article analyzes the top cybersecurity 2021 trends to help you increase your defense.  Impact of Remote Work: New Threats and Solutions Many companies shifted… Read More »Top Cybersecurity 2021 Trends

cybersecurity when traveling

How To Implement Cybersecurity When Traveling

Whether you’re a business or casual traveler, raveling leaves us exposed to cyberattacks. It’s crucial to have strong cybersecurity when traveling. Listed below are the best tips on how to have strong cybersecurity when traveling.  Lock Devices Down Passwords are your device’s first line of cyber defense. Ensure that all of your devices are password-protected. Additionally, change the PIN numbers you regularly use while traveling. This hinders strangers from accessing your data in case you momentarily misplace or forget your… Read More »How To Implement Cybersecurity When Traveling

cybersecurity for beginners

Training Of Cybersecurity For Beginners

Online privacy or safety is not always guaranteed. Thus, you must include cybersecurity for beginners’ training in your employee training.  No one is safe from attacks. Hackers see all companies as a target regardless of their size and industry. Every single piece of information is up for grabs. Furthermore, falling victim to data breaches may result in drastic financial and reputational damages. These factors make training in cybersecurity for beginners a must.  Everyone needs cybersecurity for beginners’ training, especially that… Read More »Training Of Cybersecurity For Beginners

cybersecurity job outlook

Cybersecurity Job Outlook For 2021 And Beyond

The cybersecurity job outlook is looking bright looks bright and it seems like it will be brighter in the next few years. Let’s find out why.  Cybersecurity jobs have been in high demand. It seems like the need for more security professionals will greatly increase in the foreseeable future. Moreover, the COVID-19 has increased that need further as most people now heavily rely on technology to conduct their business.  What The Statistics Show  The number of cyberattacks has grown in… Read More »Cybersecurity Job Outlook For 2021 And Beyond

why cybersecurity training is important

Why Cybersecurity Training Is Important?

Just imagine the implications a cyberattack can bring to your company. This article aims to answer the question “why cybersecurity training is important?” Reasons Why Cybersecurity Training Is Important  90% of data breaches are from human error. Your employees are the organization’s first line of defense. However, they are also the “door” for hackers to breach your systems.  Thus, it’s imperative to educate them in cybersecurity. The question is how can employees avoid threats if they don’t know how to… Read More »Why Cybersecurity Training Is Important?

cyber security awareness

Results Of Not Having Cyber Security Awareness

Your employees are the first line of defense against cyber threats. Thus, you must instill strong cyber security awareness in the workplace.  Almost all businesses collect data to better serve their customers. These types of data might range from billing invoices to customers’ credit card information. Thus, you must do everything on your end to protect your customers’ data.  Unfortunately, even the most careful and well-intentioned employee can make mistakes. After all, that is human nature. However, such mistakes might… Read More »Results Of Not Having Cyber Security Awareness

cybersecurity 2020 predictions

Greatest Cybersecurity 2020 Predictions That Will Blow Your Mind

What are the greatest cybersecurity 2020 predictions that will blow your mind? Let’s find out! The 2020 Cybersecurity Landscape Another year, another prediction on the cybersecurity landscape. Cybersecurity is indeed advancing. But, threats are also growing. So, we will talk about the threats and bad actors that influenced the cyber arena in the past year of 2020. Top Cybersecurity 2020 Predictions Targeted ransomware attacks Last year, ransomware attacks were on the rise. And those were not just petty criminals. For… Read More »Greatest Cybersecurity 2020 Predictions That Will Blow Your Mind

cybersecurity hygiene

Top Cybersecurity Hygiene Practices On New Normal

Have you heard of something called cybersecurity hygiene? It may sound like an unusual metaphor but it’s imperative that you strongly have it. Taking showers and brushing teeth isn’t something traditionally associated with technology. However, the term “cybersecurity hygiene” emphasizes the need for making smart decisions about your smart devices.  Good hygiene has three basic principles: Using tools and products that fit your hygiene needs Performing these hygienic tasks correctly  Establishing a routine How is this relevant with technology? What… Read More »Top Cybersecurity Hygiene Practices On New Normal

cybersecurity in social media

Have Strong Cybersecurity In Social Media

Social media plays a vital role in our daily life. However, it also comes with risks. Thus, implementing strong cybersecurity in social media is a must.  In 2020, the number of social media users was around 3.6 billion people. It is projected that the number will reach 4.41 billion in 2025. People use social media to connect with their loved ones and know their happenings in life.  However, hackers have seen this great number of social media users as a… Read More »Have Strong Cybersecurity In Social Media

cybersecurity careers

The Truth About Cybersecurity Careers

Wondering if pursuing one of the cybersecurity careers is the best for you? There is a lot of misconceptions about the industry going around. The demand for cybersecurity professionals is just huge. Companies struggle to find candidates that have the necessary skills for cybersecurity careers. One of the main reasons why this happens is many people are afraid to pursue a cybersecurity career due to misconceptions.  This article debunks some of the most common myths that hinder people from pursuing… Read More »The Truth About Cybersecurity Careers