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Equifax Breach

Cybersecurity Qualifications

Cybersecurity Qualifications: As Professionals

What are the cybersecurity qualifications you should meet? Also, to become a professional in this field, what you should acquire? Idea Of Cybersecurity Qualifications We live in modern technology that cybersecurity professional has high demand in the industry. A lot of companies are hiring some of the best professionals. They want to protect their important data from cybercriminals. So hiring the right qualification and skill to set the proper security. For you, to know the security qualification. If you are… Read More »Cybersecurity Qualifications: As Professionals

Equifax Breach

History of The Equifax Breach

History of The Equifax Breach: 1 Forensics reviewed after the evidence showed that the original date for the breach of Equifax data was March 10, 2017. This was when the first infiltration of the website via the vulnerability of Struts. However, the offenders do not appear to have done anything much. It was not until the 13th of May 2017 — in what Equifax terms a “separate incident” in the GAO report. Attackers started moving from the breached database to other areas of the… Read More »History of The Equifax Breach

Equifax Breach

Equifax Breach: The Destructive Breach of 2017

In March 2017, hundreds of millions of personally identifiable data got hacked during the Equifax breach. Equifax is one of the credit monitoring agencies that test the financial health of almost everyone in the United States. The breach created several allegations and conflicts. It ridiculed Equifax for everything varying from their poorly enforced security system to their witless reaction to the breach. In the aftermath, people have accused their top managers of corruption. The topic of who was the mastermind of the violation has significant… Read More »Equifax Breach: The Destructive Breach of 2017