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Regulatory Compliance

cyber security jobs

Cyber Security Jobs Are Fulfilling – Why?

Our reliance on technology has made cyber security jobs one of the most rewarding jobs worldwide. Cyber security specialists ensure that our data is safe. The Job Landscape  Cyber security jobs are not limited to the tech industry. Every industry, both public and private sector, need to keep their data protected. The possibilities are just limitless, and there is always an open spot for you as long as you have the passion and necessary skills.  There is a shortage of… Read More »Cyber Security Jobs Are Fulfilling – Why?

cybersecurity growth

Why Cybersecurity Growth Increases Exponentially

Computers and the Internet now play important roles in both our personal and work lives. That’s why cybersecurity growth increases exponentially.  It seems like cybercriminals are everywhere. We have witnessed many high-profile data breaches in recent years. Even huge companies including Yahoo!, Uber, and Target faced data breaches. If such huge companies with huge security budgets still fall victim to data breaches, what more of smaller companies?  Cybersecurity is vital to keep our data and information safe from cyberattacks, thus… Read More »Why Cybersecurity Growth Increases Exponentially

cybersecurity policy

Cybersecurity Policy And Its Importance For Your Organization

Does your organization have a cybersecurity policy? And why is it important to have one? Well, continue to read this article because it will tell you more. Why Is It Important? Cybersecurity is indeed an important issue. Especially for both IT departments and top managers. In fact, it is their top priority. But, this should also be a concern for each employee in the organization. Why? Because employees are often the weak links in the company’s security. For instance, they… Read More »Cybersecurity Policy And Its Importance For Your Organization

written information security program

Written Information Security Program: Why A Need?

What is a Written Information Security Program (WISP)? And why is it important to have one? Well, continue reading this post. Then, let’s consider why companies should create and maintain them. Written Information Security Program (WISP) – What Is It? A Written Information Security Program is also referred to as WISP. It details your organization’s security controls, policies, and processes. Besides, it contains the organization’s critical component of data governance. And many states require this document legally. Moreover, a WISP… Read More »Written Information Security Program: Why A Need?

information security standards

Information Security Standards And Its Benefits

What are the information security standards used by organizations around the world? If you run a company, do you also employ these standards? Well, in this post we’ll discuss these standards. ISO 27001 As The International Information Security Standard This standard is also the ISO/IEC 27001:2013. It’s the standard that sets out the ISMS. But what is ISMS? ISMS stands for “Information Security Management System.” It’s an approach that secures the CIA Triad. Additionally, ISMS consists of policies, procedures, and… Read More »Information Security Standards And Its Benefits

ISO/SAE 21434

SAE 21434: Security Standard For The Automotive Industry

How secure are your vehicles? And how can ISO/SAE 21434 help? Well, today, more and more vehicles are becoming connected to networks. Because of that, cybersecurity now became a challenge in the automotive field. Knowing ISO/SAE 21434 What is ISO/SAE 21434 all about? Well, it’s a standard that provides cybersecurity engineering guidelines. And it’s particular for the different phases of a vehicle’s lifecycle. Additionally, it defines the requirements for the cybersecurity processes. Besides, it includes risk management for road vehicles.… Read More »SAE 21434: Security Standard For The Automotive Industry

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance- Your Complete Guide 2020

Regulatory compliance is essential in business adherence to laws. You sure don’t want to pay fines and receive legal punishments, don’t you? Let us delve deeper into this topic. In this article we will discuss these points: What is regulatory compliance? Why is regulatory compliance important to your business? What are the examples of regulatory compliance laws and regulations? Defining Regulatory Compliance Regulatory compliance refers to an organization’s coherence. Specifically with the laws, regulations, guidelines, and specifications. These are all… Read More »Regulatory Compliance- Your Complete Guide 2020

security program and policies principles

Cyber Security Program And Policies Principles: Overview

Software protection is not just plug-through. So, how a security program and policy principles help you get the best security? Security Program And Policies Principles Practices Often purchasing new protection products and calling it a day is a safe protective measure. Also, the safety of apps is not a plug-in.  This is software and advanced preparation for developers. Also, until you see again on your capital preservation, tool adaptation, and integration.  So until you have a method that addresses your… Read More »Cyber Security Program And Policies Principles: Overview

regulatory and compliance

How Regulatory and Compliance Makes Your Business Better

All businesses have a certain set of regulations to which they must adhere. Read more to understand the need for regulatory and compliance to the security of a business. Regulatory And Compliance Definition How would enforcement be more understood? Yet, you may think that your company gives you an annual data security note. But sign a HIPAA form on a visit to the doctor or get a lockout for the wrong password. Because regulation entails practices to sustain and prove… Read More »How Regulatory and Compliance Makes Your Business Better

security compliance questionnaire

Understanding The IT Security Compliance Questionnaire

Security Compliance Questionnaire comes in many forms and differs according to the specifics of the business. Your questionnaire help meets safety requirements and conveys that your security concerns are well handled.  What Is A Security Compliance Questionnaire? To maximize investment opportunities, company partnerships with third-party vendors are now necessary. But they also improve cyberespionage potential.  Moreover, research by Gartner found that it is only predicted that 60 percent of companies will expand with far more than 1,000 third parties in… Read More »Understanding The IT Security Compliance Questionnaire