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Cybersecurity Zoom

Cybersecurity Zoom: Threats and Tips to Use

Since the pandemic happened, Zoom enjoyed great fame and success. But cybersecurity Zoom is now becoming a growing concern for many.  Yes, most workers are now at home to work. This resulted in the need for cloud-based video conferencing. And Zoom delivered what many needed. As a result, their users shot up to 300 million since the pandemic. A huge leap from their 10 million users before the pandemic. But this rise also put Zoom into the spotlight. For one, it… Read More »Cybersecurity Zoom: Threats and Tips to Use

Why Cybersecurity is Important for Government

Why Cybersecurity is Important for Government

Hackers are not only out to target private companies and institutions. That is why cybersecurity is important for the government. For one, there are now a lot of attacks that are targetting them. May it be from ill-willed people from their country or even from opposing countries. Thus, it is a national concern. The whole country can be put in danger. But how can they focus on cybersecurity? Read on to know more. Why Cybersecurity is Important for Government One report says… Read More »Why Cybersecurity is Important for Government

Cybersecurity Without Programming

Can You Do Cybersecurity Without Programming?

Is cybersecurity without programming possible? Can you become a professional in the field without knowing how to code at all? A lot of students that are looking into the field want to know the answer to both. Further, some IT professionals are also planning to focus on cybersecurity. Why? Because many are now seeing that it is a good career. For one, the demand for the role is rising. But only a few workers can fill the job. As a result,… Read More »Can You Do Cybersecurity Without Programming?

Where is Cybersecurity Going?

Where is Cybersecurity Going?

Many are wondering where is cybersecurity going especially because of the pandemic. We now rely more on digital technologies. What do you think will happen to the scene of cybersecurity? What new techs will rise? What threats will follow? Read on to know more. Where is Cybersecurity Going? The Rise of AI Over the last few years, AI is becoming a rising star for many sectors. For example, social commerce is using AI to help with customer service. That is why there… Read More »Where is Cybersecurity Going?

Is Cybersecurity a Good Career

Is Cybersecurity a Good Career?

Is cybersecurity a good career? What are the benefits of being a cybersecurity professional? Is there a future in this role? These are the question of incoming college students looking into the field. Are you also interested in cybersecurity? Then, keep on reading. We will give you a list of why cybersecurity is a good career. Is Cybersecurity a Good Career? Digital Future As we can see, we are now entering the digital age. And clearly, the future will also be digital.… Read More »Is Cybersecurity a Good Career?

Cybersecurity 101 Training

Cybersecurity 101 Training – Best Practices to Follow

To ensure successful cybersecurity 101 training, you need to follow the best practices. Doing this will help both you and your workers. How? This can help them change their habits. As a result, your company is in the hands of security-inclined workers. Also, they will feel the weight of the roles they play in security. They feel their shared accountability. So, they will likely be more careful. As you can see, this will all start in the training period. What, then,… Read More »Cybersecurity 101 Training – Best Practices to Follow

Cybersecurity Lessons

Cybersecurity Lessons for Your Training

Are you going to handle cybersecurity training for your company? What cybersecurity lessons are you going to include and discuss in it? There are many important lessons to choose from. And because there are many, do not pack it all up within the same day. Choose one for now. Then, one for another time. So, what are these lessons? Read on to know more. Cybersecurity Lessons for Your Training Cybersecurity Threats First on the list should be cybersecurity threats. This will help… Read More »Cybersecurity Lessons for Your Training

How Cybersecurity Affects Us

How Cybersecurity Affects Us Today

In this modern age, there are many ways how cybersecurity affects us. Sometimes, big events. But sometimes, it is unnoticeable. Yet, the impact is big. This is because digital technology is now woven into our work and even personal lives. As a result, we become more dependent on it. Also, we now keep more and more data over time. So, there is a growing need to keep them safe and secure. Further, since the pandemic, attacks and data breaches are rising. These… Read More »How Cybersecurity Affects Us Today

Cybersecurity vs Ethical Hacking

Cybersecurity vs Ethical Hacking

Cybersecurity vs ethical hacking. What are does each term mean? And what are the difference between them? Read on to know more. Cybersecurity What is cybersecurity? It is giving the best security to users with the help of both tools and skills. The main goal is to keep all digital assets and data secure from threats. Mainly from the internet. It has four phases: Identifying the various kinds of cyber risks. Protecting the system by installing measures. Detecting events or incidents.… Read More »Cybersecurity vs Ethical Hacking

Can Cybersecurity Be Self-Taught

Can Cybersecurity Be Self-Taught?

Are you planning to shift your career? Are you looking into cybersecurity? Do you ask yourself, “can cybersecurity be self-taught”? Then, this article is for you. Read on to know more. Can Cybersecurity Be Self-Taught? Yes, like any other discipline, you can learn cybersecurity on your own. Meaning, you do not need a degree to be an expert. In fact, many experts in the field today are self-taught. Also, it is now easier to learn. As they say, everything is now… Read More »Can Cybersecurity Be Self-Taught?