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top 9 cybersecurity trends for 2020

Top 9 Cybersecurity Trends for 2020 You Should Know

CISOs should understand the top 9 cybersecurity trends for 2020. Why so?  For one thing, it will help them have strong plans and strategies in their cybersecurity. Knowing the past trends will also give us an overview of what will happen in 2021. Today, the biggest challenge for many companies is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Its resulting changes to businesses, like remote work adoption, also revealed a lot of weaknesses. Here are the top 9 cybersecurity trends for 2020… Read More »Top 9 Cybersecurity Trends for 2020 You Should Know

where automotive cybersecurity is headed in 2019

Here Is Where Automotive Cybersecurity Is Headed in 2019

Where is automotive cybersecurity headed in 2019? Also, what are some of the trends in vehicles and security?  Read on to learn more. Where Automotive Cybersecurity Is Headed in 2019 There are more connected cars than ever. More and more people are also driving them. But, that also means that hackers and bad actors have a bigger target than ever.  By far, connected cars are the biggest and the most complicated of all devices. Still, these are vulnerable just like… Read More »Here Is Where Automotive Cybersecurity Is Headed in 2019

context information security

Context Information Security Solutions

Context Information Security is one of the leading security consulting firms. It started in 1998. But, Accenture and Context were merged in March 2020. So, what does this company do? For many years, Context helps companies avoid data breaches. They also identify common security threats. So, companies can learn how to fight against them. But, why do we need information security? Today, we are always susceptible to security threats. So, we need consulting firms like Context. Read on to learn more… Read More »Context Information Security Solutions

fortress information security

Fortress Information Security

Fortress Information Security is one of the biggest infosec companies. They also help other companies in risk management. Fortress also protects the critical infrastructure of the United States. It includes: financial services like banks transportation defense Read on to learn more about Fortress Information Security. Fortress Information Security: TAS System Fortress also uses the TAS system in helping companies. But, what is TAS? It stands for: Technology Analytics Services Technology Technology has three steps to keep information secure: Integration Orchestration Continuous Monitoring… Read More »Fortress Information Security

vendor assessment technique

Vendor Assessment Techniques: Things To Know

Do you already know some vendor assessment techniques? But, what is vendor assessment? Why do you need to do that? What are its benefits? Let us take a look. What Does Vendor Assessment Mean? The definition of Vendor Assessment can be described as the method for evaluating. As well as, authorizing the possible line of vendors of the firm. Many quantitative and qualitative assessment measures. Further, the mechanism has a crucial and critical function. To make sure that the list… Read More »Vendor Assessment Techniques: Things To Know

vendor security assessment

Vendor Security Assessment: How To Conduct?

How to conduct a vendor security assessment? Especially when identifying high-risk vendors. But before that, let’s first discuss what it means and why is it vital. What Does Vendor Safety Assessment Mean And Why Is It Vital? The safety assessment of the supplier benefits your firm. To recognize the danger involved with the use of the service or product of a third party or a fourth party. Monitoring the firm’s inner posture of cyber protection is a given. Yet firms… Read More »Vendor Security Assessment: How To Conduct?

vendor risk assessment

Vendor Risk Assessments: Steps To Conduct

Vendor risk assessments are never the area to pick up corners. A detailed evaluation can help you from dealing with a firm that is at worst dangerous. This post describes the steps you are taking to defend your firm. What Is A Vendor Risk Assessments? The vendor risk assessment is also referred to as third-party risk evaluation. This is a process which helps firms to select and supervise their firm partners. You will define and assess the possible risks. Risk… Read More »Vendor Risk Assessments: Steps To Conduct

Offensive Security Certified Professional

Offensive Security Certified Professional Certification

The Offensive Security Certified Professional is a certification with regard. Most especially in complying with penetration testing job requirements. However, this is also known as a difficult and lengthy test. But, this is certainly worth one’s effort. Most especially for those aspirant cybersecurity professionals. For instance, they have a goal to be senior-level penetration testers. In this article, we will discuss the following: What is OSCP? What are the other details of the OSCP examination? Who should take concern with… Read More »Offensive Security Certified Professional Certification

vendor risk assessment tool

Top Essential Vendor Risk Assessment Tool

Cybersecurity Specialists confirm that vendor risk assessment tool is essential for firms. Learn how to make the best management to help counter cyber risk. The Importance Of Vendor Risk Assessment Tool Excluding proper compliance measures and actions. Your business may be prone to potential theft by a supplier.  The lack of consumer interest, along with enforcement fines might lead to a threat. So, there’s a whole variety of skills to counter security danger from the supplier.  What are the most… Read More »Top Essential Vendor Risk Assessment Tool

vendor management questionnaire

Tips For Building Effective Vendor Management Questionnaire

A well-crafted vendor management questionnaire is essential for an effective risk assessment program. There are no clear guidelines, but here are our tips for making a successful response.  Vendor Management Questionnaire Overview Any query that can unplanned questions is one of the major errors that a firm can generate. Also, they assembled them into a big survey, without any insightful discussion.  Moreover, a test wherein vendors received 500 + questions about whether issues relate. But, this single-size technique, though, is… Read More »Tips For Building Effective Vendor Management Questionnaire