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CISO KPIs You Need to Use


As the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), you are the one to measure cyber resilience. So, using CISO KPIs is crucial.

Yes, there is no one-size-fits-all KPI. But there are common ones that you should not miss. Then, you need to make sure you have your standards set based on your company’s needs.

With this in place, you can ensure that your company will grow. Also, you can help with its digital transformation (Dx). Or cybersecurity, of course.

So, what are these KPIs? Read on to know more.


IT Security Staff Skill Level

First, having the right team is crucial. So, you will need to gauge the level of skill your security staff has.

How well are they doing in fighting off threats in cybersecurity? How do adept are they in the new threats today? Do they know how to counter these?

Then, help them ease up on their workload. Have them use security tools especially those AI-driven ones.

Further, you can let them do “Red Teaming.” What is this? It is a game-like event that will test them with real-life incidents. With this, you can see where their breaking point is.

IT Security Staff Level of Satisfaction

Testing how happy your IT security staff with their work and your company is vital. Because there is a shortage of them for a lot of industries.

Thus, it is easy for them to jump ship if they do not feel they are valued. So, to keep them with you, find out their pain points in working.

Then, find ways to solve this. Also, you will need to always let them know you appreciate them and their hard work.

Cost of a Security Breach

Yes, no one wants to experience a security breach. But it is still possible. So, you will need to be ready when it does.

Thus, you will need to calculate the possible costs. True, you cannon know when and how it will happen. But an estimate is enough. Then, include the possible fines.

With this, you can help other C-suites to understand the value of cybersecurity. Then, they can prepare a budget in case one happens.

Support Level

Does everyone know the whole mission and goal of your company? How many of them support this? 

This is vital to know. Then, you will need to make sure all workers take these into the heart. Also, get to know how many and at what level do they support these.

The higher it is, the better their performance.

Return of Investment (ROI)

Yes, the ROI is not only limited to the finance team. You can apply this to these areas:

  • value of security gives to the workplace
  • new security technology investments
  • value of training programs
  • value of security policies

With this, you can see what areas you need to continue or cut off.

Follow These CISO KPIs

So, these are the valuable KPIs you do not want to miss. What are your thoughts? Do you already have some of these in place?