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CISO Tactics During Digital Transformation

CISO Tactics

The role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is now bigger. In digital transformation (Dx), the right CISO tactics are crucial.

Why? Because during the rise of the pandemic, 40% CISOs say they need to fill bigger shoes. Like filling the operational role and the role of a Dx leader.

So, your company may also be one of those speeding up Dx efforts due to the pandemic. To help it succeed in the journey, you need to have the right tactics.

What are these? Keep on reading to know more.

CISO Tactics

New Strategies and New Security Leadership

Almost all respondents of the same survey said they are updating cybersecurity plans. This is due to COVID-19 and the changes it brought.

So, the plans you had before will not work that much. Thus, a new strategy must be planned out.

For one, you can make new processes for budgeting. And make new lists of possible risks and their impact. Then a new leadership is needed. How?

By closer collaboration with the CISO and CEO. So, increase interaction with members of the board.

Security Budgets

New cyber threats and risks are rising. Especially with the needed work-from-home setup. So, many CISOs plan to increase their cybersecurity budget.

And you should, too. Instead of costs, you should view this as part of your whole business budget. Then, make a list that ranks the most crucial one first, which includes costs of:

  • risk reduction
  • security projects
  • compliance

Also, include the value of cybersecurity investments. As a result, you can focus first on the most important one.

Security Teams for the Future

Many companies today plan to add more cybersecurity staff. And that is only right. Because this skill can help help you ensure robust cybersecurity.

So, build a security team with the future in mind. Find those who have:

  • analytics skills
  • communication skills
  • critical thinking
  • creativity

If you can, it is also possible to train existing employees. Then, if it is hard to find talent, you can seek the help of third-parties. Like managed security services providers.

Plan for Every Scenario

Another vital tactic is to make a resiliency plan that sees every scenario. From highly likely but low impact to the unlikely but disastrous ones.

Then, list down the efforts and budget needed for each one. But take note, do not write off the lower-risk attacks. Also, you need to plan well for the disastrous ones.

If you do, you can help your security teams be prepared for any attacks. So, they will know what steps to take when it happens.

Further, you can prepare the budget needed beforehand. So, there are not lesser worries about how to cope up when an attack happens.

Follow These CISO Tactics

So, these are the key tactics you need to follow as the CISO. What do you think? Are you already doing some of these?

What are some other tactics you have for this year? Keep in mind, you need to align them with the changing scene of the world today.