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CISO Targets You Need to Reach

CISO Targets

Are you the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in your company? If so, there are a lot of CISO targets that you need to reach.

Today, especially in this pandemic-stricken world, more and more threats are rising. So, you need to be more proactive.

Then, setting clear goals is crucial. Why? To help you be more prepared for any attacks.

Further, digital transformation is cooking for many companies. Thus, you will need to keep up with these. Like adopting the cloud, AI, and more.

But this means more areas for hackers to attack. So, you need to make a robust strategy. How?

By making it in line with your targets and goals. What, then, are these targets?

Top CISO Targets to Reach

Managing Risks

First, you will need to manage risks, of course. You are the head of security. So, you will need to lead in this area.

Thus, you need to list all your company’s information assets. Next, see what and where the risks lie in these assets.

After, you will need to make a plan. How would you manage the risks found? What will you prioritize?

Driving Collaboration

Another area you do want to miss is raising collaboration. Between who? Your network and security teams, of course. Why?

Because, as per one survey, 91% of respondents say both of their teams work together. Then, they gain better results because of that.

Thus, you will need to find solutions to enable this. Then, you will need to automate security workflows. Also, it is crucial to remove redundant tasks.

Incident Response Plan (IRP)

Yes, we all do not want an incident to happen. But there is no foolproof plan for that. So, you will need to make and lead the IRP.

Then, you will need to train and prepare your team for any incidents. Keep them up to date with new threats looming around. Also, update them with any changes to your IRP.

As a result, if incidents do happen, they are prepared. Of course, you will be the lead responder. Then, you will set the tone of how to make decisions.

So that they will be able to know how to make decisions on their own.


Of course, you do not want your company to be fined, right? So, you will need to ensure cybersecurity compliance.

Many industries have their set of regulations. But if you fail to comply with your industry’s regulation, you risk being fined.

So, even if your main focus is on risks and security, you need also need to align it with compliance. Thus, you will need to be adept at what and how to handle it.

Further, there are many laws for cybersecurity and privacy. So, keep in mind that these are:

  • state
  • federal
  • international

Reach These CISO Targets

So, these are the targets you need to reach as your company’s CISO. What are your thoughts? Did you already reach some of these?

If not, you should start now. It will affect you, your company, employees, customers, and partners.