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Cyber Security Jobs Are Fulfilling – Why?

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Our reliance on technology has made cyber security jobs one of the most rewarding jobs worldwide. Cyber security specialists ensure that our data is safe.

The Job Landscape 

Cyber security jobs are not limited to the tech industry. Every industry, both public and private sector, need to keep their data protected. The possibilities are just limitless, and there is always an open spot for you as long as you have the passion and necessary skills. 

There is a shortage of cyber security workers worldwide. Experts worry that if this trend will continue, the number of data breaches will increase rapidly. But looking on the bright side, this means there are plenty of opportunities for those with the right skills and experience. 

Moreover, the unemployment rate in the field is 0%, and it has stayed that way since 2011. This fact is pretty amazing considering how the COVID-19 has affected most industries and sectors. If you’re seeking stability, cyber security jobs might be the ones for you.

Furthermore, it seems like the rapid growth of cybersecurity won’t slow down for decades to come. Our reliance on technology increases exponentially due to digital advancements and COVID-19. 

Thus, this gives hackers more open doors to commit cybercrimes. Recent research projected that the cost of cybercrime will reach $6 trillion globally this 2021. 

This means that we need to have an ever-growing number of cyber security specialists to defend our online security. In fact, the New York Times reported that there would be 3.5 million vacant positions in the field this 2021. 

Moreover, the demand is so huge that many companies are willing to hire employees without relevant degrees. For instance, some companies have hired humanities graduates. What matters most to employers is some form of experience or certification. 

Thus, it’s definitely worth giving it a shot even you’ve completed an unrelated degree. Having an interest in cyber security is a great start. 

Why Should You Consider Cyber Security Jobs 

There are numerous excellent reasons why you should consider a career in cyber security. As mentioned, there is a 0% unemployment rate in the field. In other words, cyber security is a future-proof industry. Listed below are other exciting reasons. 

The chance for progression

The chances of acquiring a promotion are likely to be higher than in other industries. That is because there is such a huge demand for experienced specialists. There will be a lot of room for growth and further professional development once you’ve gained the necessary skills and experience. 

Job satisfaction

A 2019 ISC study found that in the USA, 71% of cyber security specialists feel satisfied with their jobs. Moreover, 84% of respondents worldwide said that they are working with their dream jobs. This just shows that a career in cyber security will give you job satisfaction. 

Learn independently

Cyber security isn’t really necessary to enter the field. In fact, many specialists are self-taught. Some of them learn from online resources and programs. 

The pay

Companies offer competitive salaries to cyber security specialists as they can’t afford to lose talent.