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Cybersecurity News Today: Cyberattacks increase by 17% in Q1 of 2020

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Cybersecurity News Today

Cyberattacks increase by 17% in Q1 of 2020

According to Security Magazine, cyberattacks increase by 17% from 2020’s Q1 until 2020’1 Q4. Moreover, this increase has a rate of 1.2%. Also, 77% being targeted attacks.

In the same report, these incidents involve human error at least 12% of the total.

What are the main preys for cyberattacks?

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Usually, cyberattacks are targeted towards the following sectors, for example:

  • Government sectors
  • Industrial firms
  • Science and education institutions

But, today, cyberattacks are also alarming even small to medium businesses.

These attacks mainly target the acquiring of sensitive data. Perhaps by personal data, credentials, and intellectual property.

More News Reports for Cybersecurity 2020

Ransomware Remains the Favorite Bait

In 2020, ransomware remained to be the favorite mode of attack by cybercriminals. For example, in Q1, attackers demanded astronomical ransoms. More so, they also added new ways to hide from security tools.

There are new sets of ransomware. For example:

  • Cring
  • Humble
  • Vovalez

Moreover, the old WannaCry ransomware is also remaining in the spotlight. 

Popular Vulnerabilities Today

Consider the following widespread vulnerabilities or security weak links today:

  • Breaches in Microsoft Exchange Server software (ProxyLogon)
  • The outdated file-sharing program, Accellion FTA

For example, in SonicWall VPN solutions, cybercriminals use zero-day vulnerability. In addition, they make use of it more than to intrude on the company’s security. But also, they launch attacks on their customers’ data.

However, SonicWall was not able to spread the notice as soon as possible. Thus, software manufacturers should inform their users or customers when an incident or breach takes place. 

Also, customers have the right to know the following:

  • Existing vulnerabilities
  • How to protect themselves from the breach until the solutions are met

Malware on Virtualization Environments

Today, cybercriminals are creating malware on virtualization environments to launch attacks. So this is why it is vital to install updates as soon as possible.

IT Companies in Target

IT companies remain consistent in being a prime target for cyber attacks. Besides, they are at high risk for the second quarter in a row.

For example, in about 15% of attacks during the Q1 of 2021, IT companies are on target. Cybercriminals mainly target these sectors’ customers’ and company data.

Telecom Companies are More Vulnerable in Q4 2020

In Q4 2020, telecom companies are more prone to attacks. For example, in 71% of attacks, cybercriminals aim to acquire data in 5G technology companies.

Moreover, 9 out of 10 incidents use the RAT malware in up to 55% of all attacks.

Cybersecurity News Today Key Takeaways: The Need for More Alertness

Technology evolves and develops as the years do pass. But institutions cannot escape the risks that come with it. 

So in line with the said news reports, we should practice the following:

  • IT and telecom companies should keep high cybersecurity protocols and standards
  • The common practice of installing software updates as soon as they are available can save your system’s security
  • The need for company leaders to stay up to date with the latest threats and attacks
  • Notify customers or users as soon as possible a breach or incident takes place

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