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Cybersecurity Tips 2021 for Small Businesses

cybersecurity tips 2021

Here are the best cybersecurity tips for 2021 for small businesses. Read on to learn more.

Cybersecurity Tips 2021

Improve Password Protection

Businesses must improve their password protection. Passwords are the most common way that people try to access systems. 

Password protection usually just means that you need to use complex passwords, but it also means that employees should not share passwords.

Encrypt Sensitive Data

It’s important to encrypt sensitive data so that it can’t be hacked. Encryption is particularly important for email and cloud-based services. 

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Encryption software works by scrambling information so that it’s unreadable by anyone who isn’t supposed to access it.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

To protect your employees better, consider using two-factor authentication on your internal systems. Two-factor authentication means adding another layer of security beyond passwords alone.

It adds something else you know, like a password or PIN code, with something you have, like a token or key fob that generates random numbers every few seconds. 

The idea behind two-factor authentication is that even if someone gets your password somehow, they won’t be able to log in without the second factor because they don’t have access to the additional device or code associated with it.

Monitor Personal Devices

It’s critical to monitor the devices used by your employees, especially their personal devices. It’s important to know how they are being used so that you can protect your company’s data.

Personal devices are the ones that employees use outside of work, so it can be hard to track their activities. 

To protect your company’s data, you may have to limit what applications they can install on their personal devices. 

The most important thing is to prevent them from using work computers and servers for any non-work-related activity. 

Doing so will ensure that you don’t accidentally allow something like malware onto your network.

Establish clear security protocols

It’s important to establish clear security protocols so that all employees know what to expect from you. It’s important to have a clear policy about security practices and what employees can and cannot do on a work computer. 

You may also want to adopt a security policy that requires employees to report suspicious emails or links.

Use Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) helps you detect security incidents more quickly, but it also speeds up your response time. 

EDR software works by monitoring the behavior of your network, not just the network traffic itself, so it will detect behavior that could be malicious even if it doesn’t look malicious from outside the network.

Just remember that EDR software isn’t meant for attacks that use encryption technology. Attacks like these will require additional protections. 


The best cybersecurity tips 2021 are only as good as the people who follow them. Training your employees is essential, so make sure they understand what you want them to do and why you want them to do it. 

It’s also important for employees to understand how their actions can affect the company as a whole. 

Ensure that everyone knows they must follow these guidelines and policies, and make sure they know why you need them in place.

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