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Cybersecurity Tips for the Work From Home Enterprise

tips for the work from home enterprise

In this post, we will cover some of the best cybersecurity tips for the work from home enterprise. Read on to learn more.

Cybersecurity Tips: Work From Home Enterprise Edition

Invest in Cybersecurity Awareness Training

When your company is in an office building, the office personnel are doing their best to secure the building. 

Realistically, most of the day-to-day cybersecurity tasks are handled by the IT department. But now that employees are working from home, they are left alone fighting against hackers and cybercriminals.

For this reason, companies need to invest in cybersecurity awareness training for employees. It should help employees identify cyber threats and teach them how to respond effectively to these threats when they are attacked.

Monitor Your Third-Party Vendors and Service Providers

It’s a given that a cybersecurity risk assessment should be conducted on third-party vendors and service providers. 

But, you should also view these third-party vendors as additional threats to your organization’s cybersecurity.

That’s because some of the most effective attacks come from within the organization. For this reason, companies need to keep an eye on the third-party vendors and service providers and be on guard for any suspicious behavior.

Use Remote Access Software

The days when employees physically showed up at an office building every day are long gone. People now work from home or work remotely from an office building in another city. 

So, companies need to ensure that they have remote access software installed on every employee’s computer. This software can access company data and help IT departments keep a closer eye on work processes.

Protect Your Peripherals

Most cyberattacks are carried out by downloading malware onto employee computers and other equipment used by employees, such as printers and scanners. 

You should train your employees to scan their computers for malware before opening any attachments or clicking on any links in email messages and social media posts.

Protect Sensitive Data From Hackers

If you’re working from home, you’re probably accessing company data from a personal computer. 

You must protect sensitive company data from hackers trying to steal it through your personal computer. 

You should never share your passwords with anyone else, especially family members or friends who might use your computer when you’re not around.

Install Software Solutions

When employees work remotely, it’s very easy for them to become distracted by their personal lives and let their work slip in quality and quantity. 

When this happens, it can leave your business vulnerable to cyberattacks while employees are away from their desks. 

To ensure that you don’t miss out on anything important, you should install software solutions that will alert you when company data is accessed at an unusual time or by unusual people within your organization.


Protecting your business against cyber attacks can be difficult when some of your employees are working from home. But you can still do it with the tips covered in this post.

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