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Cybersecurity Websites for Online Learning 2021

Cybersecurity Websites

Are you looking for cybersecurity websites that offer cybersecurity online learning?

Top Cybersecurity Websites: Cybersecurity Online Learning 

1. Udemy

Udemy is a popular e-learning platform. Of which also offers training about cybersecurity.  

However, most courses in Udemy come with a cost. But perhaps you can consider the following that may interest you. For example:

However, these cybersecurity courses by Udemy are not accredited. But, they can be worthy and cost-effective for freelancers. Or perhaps if you want to build up some experience in the field, for instance.

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2. Open University

The Open University is UK’s very own distant learning platform. This e-learning program also hosts students from around the globe. 

Moreover, Open University develops its programs through the decades. Thus, proving itself exceptional in teaching.

Here are some courses the Open University has for cybersecurity learning, for example:

  • Online Degree in Cybersecurity– is a degree program in line with the IISP framework. Also, this course comes in 3 stages, with each comprising up to 120 credits.
  • Degree in Data Science- is a specialized learning course that centers on mathematical, statistical, and computational data modeling techniques. Also, the course will introduce you to Python and R scripting languages. Like the first course, this course comes in 3 stages with 120 credits.

Unlike Udemy, the Open University offers accredited degrees in computing and IT. 

3. Future Learn

Future Learn is another online learning platform that offers short and free online programs. 

You can either pay for certification. Or you can also choose to pay and gain access to the full content. 

One good thing about Future Learn is that they present their learning program in a simple and exciting way. Thus, making it conducive, especially for beginners. 

For example, here is an example of a free course:

  • Introduction to Cyber Security– is a beginner’s level course for the field. Besides, several organizations accredit this course. One of these is The Institute of Information Security Professionals. 
  • Masters Degree in Cybersecurity- you can also choose between their accredited degrees available, which includes an MBA

4. Coursera

Another popular e-learning platform is Coursera. Coursera works like Future Learn. Because this platform also offers a range of short courses fitting distant learners.

For example, here are some features of the Cybersecurity Specialization course under the University of Maryland:

  • Consists five courses
  • Each course may take at least some weeks until completion. 

Moreover, Coursera is not limited to this course. It also offers more short-term free courses. Hence, covering the basics to more advanced cybersecurity learning, for instance. 

Perhaps you can also check other courses in Coursera. Computing & IT and Data Science courses, for instance.

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