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Information Security Services

Information Security Services

Learn more about information security and its services for your company. Also, what are the important principles that need to consider?

Information Security Services Introduction

Information security is the practices or services that keep your data information secure from the following:

  • unauthorized access
  • alterations
  • risk and vulnerabilities
  • hacking
  • identity theft
  • disruption
  • and many more

Moreover, information security has also a set of principles that follow. Such as the:

  • Confidentiality

So it is the part of the principles that may come first in your mind when talking about information security. Of course, confidentiality comes first. 

It is the key to secure the data information in the system. Moreover, to secure it you need to know who is accessing the system.

So how can you do it? By giving limits in the access or authorization. Also, you can use strong passwords, multi-function authentication, or encryption.

So with this, you will able to defend and assure that there is no penetration or misuse by unauthorized people.

  • Integrity

So next is integrity. What is the focus here? It is to maintain the correct state of the data information against malicious things.

Moreover, the process aligns with the confidentiality of the data information. Also, there are a lot of tools to verify or determine the integrity of the data.

  • Availability

So in this principle, it acts as the mirror of confidentiality. Why? In confidentiality, you are securing that no unauthorized person can access the data information.

However, in this principle of availability, you must secure that the data information is always available to those authorized.

Such as senior management or higher management. Therefore to do this, matching the network and computing resources must be considered.

It implies to the data access that you are expecting to have a good back-up or should be back-up.

Part Of The Information Security Services Is Creating A Policy

So one of the parts of the information security services is making policies. Security policy is where all the principles above mention apply.

Moreover, the policies that made must help your company in terms of making decision-making. Also, it will act as the guidance of the employees of your company in terms of their behavior and responsibilities.

So aside from the following principles that need to be considered in the policy. We have also, more things to know.

Here are the following:

  • The policy must describe the purpose of information security. Also, the following objectives must be part of the consideration in making one.
  • Determine the following correct key definitions to put in the policy. So the assurance that it is understood by everyone.
  • There should be an access control policy. The policy should determine the list of accessing the data. Also, the policy should establish the rights.
  • Using the strong password policy. As we all know, passwords or encryption are important to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the data information.
  • There should be data support. Also, an operational plan to ensure that any events happen the data is still available to those authorized to access.