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Information Security Standards And Its Benefits

information security standards

What are the information security standards used by organizations around the world? If you run a company, do you also employ these standards? Well, in this post we’ll discuss these standards.

ISO 27001 As The International Information Security Standard

This standard is also the ISO/IEC 27001:2013. It’s the standard that sets out the ISMS.

But what is ISMS? ISMS stands for “Information Security Management System.” It’s an approach that secures the CIA Triad.

Additionally, ISMS consists of policies, procedures, and other controls. Especially those that involve people, processes, and technology.

Meanwhile, ISO 27001 helps organizations not only to establish and implement. But also to operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve ISMS.

Additionally, your organization can gain an accredited certification of this standard. If it is, then it’s proof that your standard passed the international standards.

It further shows that you are implementing the best practices for infosec.

ISO 27001 And Risk Management

Risk management forms the base of an ISO/IEC ISMS. Additionally, ISMS projects rely on regular infosec risk assessments. Especially in determining security controls to implement and maintain.

ISO 27001 Clauses

It has 10 management system clauses. They are the following:

  • Scope
  • Normative Reference
  • Terms and definitions
  • Context
  • Leadership
  • Planning and risk management
  • Support
  • Operations
  • Performance evaluation, as well as
  • Improvements

Benefits Of Implementing Information Security Standards

Another advantage is that you can build trust among customers? Why do we say that? Well, because you have the accreditation, they will see that you handle information safely.

Additionally, ISO 27001 is one of the most popular information security standards. In fact, the world may recognize you when you’ve accredited this certification.

Moreover, these standards help you comply with federal laws. That’s because there exist laws concerning information security in different states.

So, what are the other benefits of implementing Information security standards? Let’s consider the following points.

Protect Your Data, Anytime And Anywhere

You can gain all the privacy. Besides, it assures you to protect all sorts of your information. It can be digital, cloud-based, or printed copy.

Improve Your Organization’s Resiliency To Attacks

Cyber attacks target businesses of all sorts and sizes. So, it’s a great advantage in mitigating risks.

Reduce Costs

This will help you implement only the security controls relevant to your business. So, it will lessen your costs.

Respond To Evolving Security Threats Better

This standard will help your organization to adapt to changes. And these changes apply to both inside the organization and external parties.

Improve Your Organization’s Culture

This standard ensures that staff understands risks. They must also embrace security as part of their daily working practices.

To Meet Contractual Obligations

Being accredited with this certification shows your company’s commitment to data security.


Yes, we now understand why employing such standards is very important. As companies in the world continue to ramp up their data, the risk of cybersecurity incidents also grows.

So, organizations that take a passive approach to risk management leave themselves open. Especially to theft and exploitation.

However, information security standards like ISO 27001 helps organizations. Especially in developing processes across large networks and user bases.