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Information System Security Officer: It’s Responsibilities

Information System Security Officer

Know more about the information system security officer. Also, what are their responsibilities and the qualifications needed in this position?

Information System Security Officer: Introduction

The information system security officer has many roles in your company security. Such as they are responsible for the digital records of your company.

Also, they are responsible for creating a security protocol, fending attacks. Another thing, they are in charge of running diagnostics.

Moreover, the ISSO monitors all the networks in place and creating the risk management plan for your company.

They build and create the following:

  • firewalls
  • risk assessment
  • security updates

Also, the ISSO runs penetration testing. For what purpose? To determine if weak points of your company systems.

Therefore, once they determine the status they able to make a plan. Either they make a new security measure or develop the current one.

How To Be An Information System Security Officer?

So we know that they deal with the hard one. Therefore, someone must capable enough in this position. 

To be an ISSO someone must have the following qualifications or educational background. Such as having a bachelor’s degree in any related field of programming or computer science.

Also, someone needs to have advanced learning or training in security protocols.

Many skills are needed in this position. Such as the following:

  • Analytical
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Able to identify the security risk and also able to fix it
  • Good communication skills

The following are needed as problem-solving skills and analytical because they deal with problems almost every day. So they need to be skilled in it, to able to save your company.

Another thing is that the ISSO needs to be good in communication. Why? As he or she stands as the leader of the team.

Moreover, if there are policies or things that need to be implemented then he or she can easily state them. Also, good communication is very important in the security levels.

Staff or other employees need guidance from people that more knowledgeable. 

More About The ISSO

Becoming an ISSO is not easy. They have may many things to know to become one.

Such as the following:

  • Security management
  • Risk management
  • Network protocols
  • VPN and wireless
  • Database security
  • Security architecture
  • Disaster Recovery

Any many more. So taking a course is a better option. Also, taking a certification of CISSP is a good decision to back you up.

It is an exam with a six hours duration. Moreover, the inclusion of multiple choices, hotspot questions, and many more.

However, after you, one to become an ISSO a continuous education is needed. As we all know that technology is upgrading.

It will help you with your resume and it will make it easier for you to find a position. But to become an ISSO is worth all the struggle.

Why? The earning salary average for the ISSO annually is about $ 73,908.

It is base on the 2018 survey. So expect that it is more than that today.

We all know how fast this field is growing. Giving a competitive salary and more opportunities to the new generations.