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Learn From These Cybersecurity YouTube Channels

cybersecurity youtube channels

We are fortunate to live in a time where great, up-to-date security-related content is freely available on cybersecurity YouTube channels. Watching such videos will help you understand the technical process of securing data. 

YouTube is not just for entertainment. The social media platform has many channels giving insights to viewers. One of the educational yet informing topics in the platform is cybersecurity. Keeping updated on this topic is crucial, and it’s a good thing cybersecurity YouTube channels help us with that. 

Listed below are the best cybersecurity YouTube channels. Yet, take note that this list doesn’t entirely base on the number of subscribers. Moreover, a huge amount of content doesn’t make a channel great. Instead, cybersecurity YouTube channels are relevant. 


Kaspersky is one of the world’s top vendors of security solutions. Furthermore, they have a strong reputation for protecting endpoint users against threats such as malware and phishing. 

Kasperksy shares valuable insights on their YouTube channel. The channel began in January 2011, and currently uploads 3 videos per week. 


Hak5 is one of the longest-running cybersecurity YouTube channels. Hosted by Darren Kitchen and Shannon Moorse, this channel regularly uploads informative videos. Thus, if you want to know more about hacking, Hak5 will help you. 


One of the most neglected aspects of cybersecurity is digital forensics. Some cybersecurity professionals noticed that only a few people have an interest in digital forensics. However, this is the aspect of cybersecurity where cybercriminals are being brought to justice. 

13Cubed has fewer subscribers compared to other cybersecurity YouTube channels. They only have 20k subscribers. Yet, don’t let this number fool you. Thus, 13Cubed is like the standard in digital forensics content. 

Furthermore, this channel explains topics in a very detailed way. That means that even newbies can understand the topic. Moreover, some of their interesting topics are memory forensics and window forensics. 

Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley is a computer-security veteran, award-winning security blogger, researcher, and public speaker. Furthermore, Cluley provides a fresh perspective on various topics in information security. 

His strong reputation began in the 1990s when he worked as a programmer for Windows. Cluley wrote the first-ever version of Dr. Solomon’s Anti-Virus. 

OA Labs

The full name of OA Labs is Open Analysis Live. OA Labs doesn’t have a lot of videos. However, its content will surely interest you. OALabs focuses on reversing and malware analysis. An example of their videos is one showing the reverse engineering process of a COVID tracker app.


This is a relatively new channel that regularly goes on live streams. CyberMentor proves he really knows his stuff by producing great content. Furthermore, his highlight is hacking live streams. Moreover, CyberMentor educates viewers on “where to start” and provides a full “web app pen-testing course”. 

Governing Goliath 

Many people view cybersecurity as a dull topic. If you’re one of them, say no more – Governing Goliath is here to entertain us. This channel combines entertainment and education by putting a comedic spin on the latest cybersecurity news. Moreover, Governing Goliath covers helpful topics such as iPad parental controls and online protection.