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Results Of Not Having Cyber Security Awareness

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Your employees are the first line of defense against cyber threats. Thus, you must instill strong cyber security awareness in the workplace. 

Almost all businesses collect data to better serve their customers. These types of data might range from billing invoices to customers’ credit card information. Thus, you must do everything on your end to protect your customers’ data. 

Unfortunately, even the most careful and well-intentioned employee can make mistakes. After all, that is human nature. However, such mistakes might leave your company vulnerable to cyberattacks. 

A Kaspersky survey revealed that more than half of businesses believe that negligence on an employee’s part could lead to a cyberattack. This includes lack of cyber security awareness, malice, or carelessness. 

Furthermore, a survey by ComputerWeekly.com reports that 84% of cyberattack victims claim that human error played a part in the breach. 

Most Common Employee Mistakes And How To Avoid Them 

Email is the preferred form of business communication. A study by The Radicati Group shows that the average person receives 235 emails every single day. It is most likely that your employees will receive scam emails. 

Moreover, opening an unknown email, or clicking the attachment inside it, can release a virus. This opens the door for hackers in accessing your company’s data. 

Advise your employees not to open emails from people they don’t know. Additionally, they must never open unknown attachments or links. 

Having Weak Login Credentials

A study by Mashable shows that 81% of adults use the same password for everything.  The worse is many of these passwords use personal information. This is a huge problem as once hackers crack your password, they will gain access to all of your accounts. 

Furthermore, hackers use aggressive methods by mining public profiles for potential password combinations. Afterward, they will plug in possibilities until one hit. Moreover, hackers use dictionary attacks wherein they try different words until they find a match. That’s how determined they are to steal data. 

Require employees to use unique passwords. These passwords must be a combination of numbers and symbols. You and your employees must also change passwords for at least a month. Use password manager software if you’re having a hard time remembering passwords. 

Leaving Passwords on Sticky Notes

Many employees write their passwords on a sticky note and put them on the edge of their monitors. Leaving passwords visible poses your company’s data at risk. 

Avoid writing down your passwords. Instead, use password managers. But if your employees still prefer the old-fashioned way, ask them to keep the paper copies in locked drawers.

Lacking Effective Employee Training

While the majority of companies conduct cybersecurity training, only 25% of business executives believe it is effective. Yet, training is critical in keeping the information safe. Thus, your company must conduct an annual cyber security awareness training. Some of the topics you may include are:

  • Reasons for and importance of cybersecurity training
  • Password management
  • Locking computers
  • How to manage mobile devices
  • Phishing and online scams
  • Relevant examples of situations