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CISO Tactics

CISO Tactics During Digital Transformation

The role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is now bigger. In digital transformation (Dx), the right CISO tactics are crucial. Why? Because during the rise of the pandemic, 40% CISOs say they need to fill bigger shoes. Like filling the operational role and the role of a Dx leader. So, your company may also be one of those speeding up Dx efforts due to the pandemic. To help it succeed in the journey, you need to have the right… Read More »CISO Tactics During Digital Transformation


CISO KPIs You Need to Use

As the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), you are the one to measure cyber resilience. So, using CISO KPIs is crucial. Yes, there is no one-size-fits-all KPI. But there are common ones that you should not miss. Then, you need to make sure you have your standards set based on your company’s needs. With this in place, you can ensure that your company will grow. Also, you can help with its digital transformation (Dx). Or cybersecurity, of course. So, what are these… Read More »CISO KPIs You Need to Use

CISO Targets

CISO Targets You Need to Reach

Are you the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in your company? If so, there are a lot of CISO targets that you need to reach. Today, especially in this pandemic-stricken world, more and more threats are rising. So, you need to be more proactive. Then, setting clear goals is crucial. Why? To help you be more prepared for any attacks. Further, digital transformation is cooking for many companies. Thus, you will need to keep up with these. Like adopting the cloud, AI,… Read More »CISO Targets You Need to Reach


CISO vs CEO: Thoughts on Data Security

CISO vs CEO. What does each role think about data security? Do they think the same when it comes to it or do they have different views? Today, companies rely more and more on data. That is why data assets are growing to be more valuable. Thus, it is no question that data security is becoming a growing concern. Why? Because cybercriminals are also growing by number. The moment they enter your system, it can be hard to spot them. Some companies… Read More »CISO vs CEO: Thoughts on Data Security


CISO FAQ: Answers To Questions About CCISO

Are you a Certified Chief Information Security Officer? Or planning to be one? Well, read the following CISO FAQ. This may help you gain more ideas. Especially about the exam that validates your skills and knowledge as a CISO. Common CISO FAQ And Answers What Is The CCISO Program All About? CCISO means Certified Chief Information Security Officer program. It’s a certification that produces top-level information security executives. It also equips infosec leaders with the most effective toolset. As a… Read More »CISO FAQ: Answers To Questions About CCISO

SCRM Practices

Top SCRM Practices In The Next Normal Era

SCRM Practices is playing a considerable role in the Next Normal era, where security is at risk.  Why is SCRM important? As long as a cybersecurity risk posture regulates in your organization, you cannot monitor third parties‘ cybersecurity. You can connect more than 33,124 fourth parties to their complex IT ecosystems, whose security of information jeopardizes your organization. Supply chain risk management is the collection of techniques and practices to track the possibility of The weaknesses continually and to maintain… Read More »Top SCRM Practices In The Next Normal Era

Risk Mitigation

Understanding Risk Mitigation In The Next Normal

Risk Mitigation in the Next Normal might never be the same. Thus, leaders must understand the importance of this issue.  What is Risk Mitigation In Next Normal? Risk mitigation defines as measures to reduce harmful effects. Four forms of approaches to reduce threats are essential to the continuation of operation and catastrophe recovery. When the aim as a BCM Practitioner is to improve enforcement and stability-one of us will provide a robust compliance appraisal program. A BCM GRC method may… Read More »Understanding Risk Mitigation In The Next Normal

Automate Vendor Risk Management

Automate Vendor Risk Management: How To Do It Right?

Automate Vendor Risk Management is a critical process in the Next Normal. Check out this post to find out more.  Automate Vendor Risk Management Third-party vendors are a primary source of planning, cost reduction, and experience. Outsourcing does not eliminate the burden of information protection. Their vulnerability to third-party liability and fourth-party danger decreases with the dependence on third businesses. In reality, a recent HSB study showed that in 2017 almost halving data breaches carried out by a third-party provider… Read More »Automate Vendor Risk Management: How To Do It Right?


CISO: Responsibilities and Requirements

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is the person in charge of information and data security within an organization. Although the position has been more loosely defined along those lines in the past, the term gets frequently used synonymously with CSO and Security VP these days, suggesting a more expansive role in the organization. Responsibilities of CISO What responsibility does a CISO have? Perhaps the best way to grasp the work at CISO is to know what everyday tasks come under its framework.… Read More »CISO: Responsibilities and Requirements