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cybersecurity youtube channels

Learn From These Cybersecurity YouTube Channels

We are fortunate to live in a time where great, up-to-date security-related content is freely available on cybersecurity YouTube channels. Watching such videos will help you understand the technical process of securing data.  YouTube is not just for entertainment. The social media platform has many channels giving insights to viewers. One of the educational yet informing topics in the platform is cybersecurity. Keeping updated on this topic is crucial, and it’s a good thing cybersecurity YouTube channels help us with… Read More »Learn From These Cybersecurity YouTube Channels

cybersecurity growth

Why Cybersecurity Growth Increases Exponentially

Computers and the Internet now play important roles in both our personal and work lives. That’s why cybersecurity growth increases exponentially.  It seems like cybercriminals are everywhere. We have witnessed many high-profile data breaches in recent years. Even huge companies including Yahoo!, Uber, and Target faced data breaches. If such huge companies with huge security budgets still fall victim to data breaches, what more of smaller companies?  Cybersecurity is vital to keep our data and information safe from cyberattacks, thus… Read More »Why Cybersecurity Growth Increases Exponentially

cybersecurity for beginners

Training Of Cybersecurity For Beginners

Online privacy or safety is not always guaranteed. Thus, you must include cybersecurity for beginners’ training in your employee training.  No one is safe from attacks. Hackers see all companies as a target regardless of their size and industry. Every single piece of information is up for grabs. Furthermore, falling victim to data breaches may result in drastic financial and reputational damages. These factors make training in cybersecurity for beginners a must.  Everyone needs cybersecurity for beginners’ training, especially that… Read More »Training Of Cybersecurity For Beginners

why cybersecurity training is important

Why Cybersecurity Training Is Important?

Just imagine the implications a cyberattack can bring to your company. This article aims to answer the question “why cybersecurity training is important?” Reasons Why Cybersecurity Training Is Important  Human error causes 90% of data breaches. Your employees are the organization’s first line of defense. However, they are also the “door” for hackers to breach your systems.  Thus, it’s imperative to educate them in cybersecurity. The question is how can you expect employees to avoid threats if they don’t know… Read More »Why Cybersecurity Training Is Important?

cyber security awareness

Results Of Not Having Cyber Security Awareness

Your employees are the first line of defense against cyber threats. Thus, you must instill strong cyber security awareness in the workplace.  Almost all businesses collect data to better serve their customers. These types of data might range from billing invoices to customers’ credit card information. Thus, you must do everything on your end to protect your customers’ data.  Unfortunately, even the most careful and well-intentioned employee can make mistakes. After all, that is human nature. However, such mistakes might… Read More »Results Of Not Having Cyber Security Awareness

cybersecurity hygiene

Top Cybersecurity Hygiene Practices On New Normal

Have you heard of something called cybersecurity hygiene? It may sound like an unusual metaphor but it’s imperative that you strongly have it. Taking showers and brushing teeth isn’t something traditionally associated with technology. However, the term “cybersecurity hygiene” emphasizes the need for making smart decisions about your smart devices.  Good hygiene has three basic principles: Using tools and products that fit your hygiene needs Performing these hygienic tasks correctly  Establishing a routine How is this relevant with technology? What… Read More »Top Cybersecurity Hygiene Practices On New Normal

cybersecurity in social media

Have Strong Cybersecurity In Social Media

Most people believe that hackers won’t attack them. Yet, you will always be a target. Read on to see how to implement strong cybersecurity in social media. In 2020, the number of social media users was around 3.6 billion people. It is projected that the number will reach 4.41 billion in 2025. People use social media to connect with their loved ones and know their happenings in life.  However, hackers have seen this great number of social media users as… Read More »Have Strong Cybersecurity In Social Media

Quest Diagnostics Data Breach

Quest Diagnostics Data Breach In 2020 Overview

Quest Diagnostics Data Breach in the Next Normal is crucial than ever before. It happens as cybercrimes reaching its new height. Quest Diagnostics Data Breach In 2020 Overview Quest is one of the major market suppliers in the United States for clinical laboratory research. How does a judge or boss continue to test for the drugs? When an external blood test need, a clinic operated. They expect to take advantage of one of the 2,000 locations in the nation of… Read More »Quest Diagnostics Data Breach In 2020 Overview

Quest Diagnostics Data Breach

Quest Diagnostics Data Breach: What Is All About?

Quest Diagnostics Data Breach has an integral part in the Cybersecurity system. Quest Diagnostics Data Breach: What Is All About? Cybersecurity experts from all over health IT is offering their views on this breach. How will protection and trust in the laboratory business be resolved and related healthcare accidents avoided? The consequences remain. The consequences remain. The third-party billing service, the medical research behemoth, announced the loss of data involving 11 million Quest patients in an SEC study. Diagnostics of… Read More »Quest Diagnostics Data Breach: What Is All About?

Data Breach 101

Data Breach 101: Reducing The Risk of Data Breaches

Data Breach 101: You are correct to think about the effect of a data leak on your company — and even on you. Yet odds are you’re not concerned sufficiently about this. Maybe, if you’re deeply concerned, you may be doing the thinking all wrong. Data Breach 101: Minimizing the Risk of Falling Victim  The most crucial thing to learn about cyber threats is that it’s a potential threat for every company, every store, every agency, and every government office. That includes… Read More »Data Breach 101: Reducing The Risk of Data Breaches