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The Truth About Cybersecurity Careers

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Wondering if pursuing one of the cybersecurity careers is the best for you? There is a lot of misconceptions about the industry going around.

The demand for cybersecurity professionals is just huge. Companies struggle to find candidates that have the necessary skills for cybersecurity careers. One of the main reasons why this happens is many people are afraid to pursue a cybersecurity career due to misconceptions. 

This article debunks some of the most common myths that hinder people from pursuing cybersecurity careers.

Myth 1: You’ve got to be a techie

Cybersecurity in modern times is no longer limited to technical duties. Other roles are now business-focused. Thus, you need to carefully think about what specialty you’ll pursue. 

One of the common security threats is insider threats. Hackers use socially engineered attacks on unsuspecting employees. Hence, the industry demands professionals with knowledge of human behavior, ethics, and culture. 

Meanwhile, many people believe that you need to have a passion for cybersecurity. However, this is a myth. What you need the most is curiosity, interest, and a willingness to learn. Moreover, you’ll need to understand why you’re committed to doing this job. 

Indeed, having a burning passion for cybersecurity is a plus. Yet, you don’t need to have a “strong and barely controllable emotion” to succeed. 

Myth 2: You must be young to work in the industry 

Movies often portray cybersecurity professionals as young, male, geeky, and wear a hoodie at work. Yet, this is way far from the truth. Over 90% of cybersecurity employees are over 30 years old. This just proves that age has nothing to do with your success in the industry. 

Cybersecurity is like any other industry – it needs diversity. Your age doesn’t matter – what matters most is your ability to spot and solve problems. Furthermore, statistics show that women usually enter the industry beyond the age of 30. 

Myth 3: Cybersecurity is not for women 

Countless studies have shown that women have a different approach to risks. Moreover, they often attain a higher score at emotional intelligence (EQ): four points higher than men’s on average. 

EQ is a crucial ingredient in the success of the workplace. Cybersecurity careers need leadership, strong communication skills, and personal excellence. You’ll only achieve those with a strong EQ. 

Furthermore, women tend to embrace organizational controls and technology much more than men. It doesn’t make women better than men. Yet, the industry is successful because both genders work together. 

Myth 4: Everyone in cybersecurity is aggressive and unwelcoming

Jobs in this industry are two-fold: offensive and defensive. Thus, you’ll surely see some conflicting behavior within it. However, rest assured that you’ll fit right in your niche and receive a warm welcome. Fun, challenging, and progressive – three elements that have made experts stay in the industry.

Myth 5: Your existing skills won’t be useful 

Whatever skills you have in your arsenal – communication skills, business wisdom, and so forth – it will be brought to the table. Like problems in any other profession, you’ll soon discover some that are similar and others that will be unique.