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What Is a Social Media Hygiene?

What is social media hygiene

What is good social media hygiene? Read on to know about the good habits you need to have as a social media user.

What Is Social Media Hygiene?

Social media hygiene is a set of good habits or practices that you need to have. So, you can stay clean and healthy on social media.

It is similar to digital hygiene, which is the set of practices and habits you need to have when using your computer and other digital devices.

For instance, making sure you keep your devices clean by cleaning them and removing other people’s germs from them, updating the software regularly, and so on.

Similarly, social media hygiene is a set of good habits you need to have when using social media.

Good Social Media Hygiene

Here are some of the good habits you should have as a social media user:

Keep Your Account Private

The best social networking sites allow users to create their accounts privately. This means that only those people you choose can see your posts and access your profile. 

If you don’t want everyone to see your posts, then make sure you go through all the settings on your account and make it private. 

This way, only those people you want will be able to see your posts.

Set Up A Filter For Notifications On Your Phone/Chat Apps

This one is pretty simple because it just involves setting up filters on your phone or chat apps. This way, only those messages containing words that you want or do not want will be delivered to your device. 

You will be able to focus on what matters most without being bothered by unwanted messages that are irrelevant to you at that moment. 

You won’t miss anything important like meetings or appointments. But, you still get what matters most like messages from close friends and loved ones who are important to you.

Clean-up Your Digital Past

It is a good practice for users to regularly check their social media accounts and delete old posts they don’t need anymore. 

For one thing, they may contain private information they no longer wish to share with the public. 

This should be done regularly as it is not just about removing old posts; it is also about deleting old friendships. 

Never Reuse Passwords

This is one of the simplest online safety habits that you should follow. 

It is a good practice to change your passwords now and then. That way, you can avoid situations where someone else gets your password and uses it to stalk you or hack into your account. 

So, make sure you change your passwords regularly. This way, it will be difficult for anyone to find out the “master” password that you have used for years.

Familiarize Yourself With The Privacy Policy Of A Site

Most social media sites publish their privacy policies so that users will know what information they are sharing with third parties and how they are using their information. 

This way, users will be able to control what they share and how they share it because they know what to expect from the site. 

So, familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of any social media site you use regularly. This way, you will be able to make informed decisions when it comes to sharing information on these sites.