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Why Cybersecurity Career? Is It Worth It?

Why Cybersecurity Career

Why cybersecurity career? Is it worth it? If you are only starting to shape your future career, then this is a good question.

With many degrees to take or field to get into, it is only right to look for options. Whether you are entering college or shifting a career.

If you are already looking into cybersecurity, you might already know it is in demand. There are many job openings around.

So, there are reasons why a cybersecurity career might be just right for you. Keep on reading to know more.

Why Cybersecurity Career?

The Future is Digital

We already entered the digital age. And we can say that the future will also be digital. More and more techs are rising. More sectors are also becoming more modern.

But this only means that they are exposed to a lot of new threats. So, they will need more cybersecurity experts. Whether it be in the private or public sector.

Meaning, you have a lot of options. You can go anywhere you like. May it be in finance, education, healthcare, and more.

There is Variety in the Field

Aside from the variety of sectors that you can enter, the field itself has many options. It only keeps on evolving because it needs to keep up with the tech world.

So, new roles are rising from time to time. Also, old roles will need to evolve and need more skills.

As a result, there are many areas you can choose to focus on. Like being a big data analyst, an ethical hacker, and more.

Salary is Good

Yes, of course. One good reason to consider a career is how much you can make on it. And in cybersecurity, it is pretty good. 

Since there are a lot of job openings, companies are besting each other. They are offering competitive salaries to candidates.

But take note that this depends on the position and the area you applying to. On average, the salary in North America starts from $90,000 to $111,000 per year.

High Job Satisfaction

One study shows that the job satisfaction rate in the field is high. In North America alone, around 71% of respondents say they are happy with their jobs.

Further, the field protects a lot of people and their companies against cybercrime. So, they take pride in their roles.

Also, change is constant in the digital world. So, the job is always interesting. New challenges are always rising.

Education and Certification

To get into cybersecurity, you do not need to have a degree. Especially if you are only shifting into another career. You can opt for online courses.

But of course, if you are only entering college, then a degree can be a great choice. May it be in cybersecurity or any IT-related course.

Also, there are many certifications in the field. So, you can always up your game.

Take a Cybersecurity Career

As you can see, this can be a good career. What are you waiting for? Start your journey away!